The Webshop is a web based application used by end-users located on different locations to order goods from (authorized) internal and external catalogues. Purchase order requests are handled within the centralized procurement management system. The Webshop enables user friendly ordering within a complex procurement environment. Reduction of errors and reduction of administrative load for the procurement organization are substantial side effects of this application.


The end-user fills his shopping cart from internal and external catalogues and adds relevant information like delivery information and attachments. External catalogs are supported by the Open Catalog Interface (OCI). The procurement department automatically handles the shopping carts and takes care of approval, ordering and payment procedures. The web based application also provides a status overview of relevant shopping carts and their status, with the possibility to directly jump to the available order tracking application for more detailed information.


Advantages for users are:

  • No specific knowledge of the procurement system needed
  • Extensive range of products and catalogues
  • Temporary saving of shopping carts
  • Status overview of shopping carts



  • Frontend application (SAP UI5)
  • Integration with SAP ERP
  • Integration with Fiori Launchpad or Portal
  • OCI, including OCI 5, supported