The main focus of Theory of Constraints (TOC) is the improvement of lead time. The efficiency of the entire chain improves as constraints in the logistic chain will be signaled and eliminated. With TOC hospital clinical departments strive for optimization of throughput and lead time of care processes.


For the TOC application is developed to identify, analyze and eliminate constraints, weakest links, in the care process and clinical pathway. TOC helps to improve lead time from patients admission to discharge or transfer to other institutions like nursing homes. This reduces the number of  days of admission and  increases production or throughput.


TOC in covers the following steps:

  • The specialist determines the expected date of discharge
  • Discharge determinant activities are registered
  • Delays in execution of discharge determinant activities are registered
  • The most frequently recurring cause is determined and resolved multidisciplinary

Subsequently the next cycle of signaling and eliminating constraints or bottlenecks starts. TOC supports the focus on continuous improvement.


  • SAP
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Integrated in the clinical workspace
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Visual representation of status progression
  • TOC way of work integrated with patient discharge