Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is an e-Health application which enables care professionals and patients to exchange secure messages at any convenient moment. Secure Messaging offers great benefits to patients with chronical diseases who like to take control over their treatment process. Also for non-chronical patients who partially prefer remote care the application is beneficial.


With Secure Messaging a patient is able to ask a question or post a remark to the care professional instead of calling or making a “face to face” appointment. Vice versa a care professional can use Secure Messaging for explanation of the treatment process, asking questions, giving directions, or provide the patient with additional information or offering a digital questionnaire.


As part of Secure Messaging care professionals and patient are able to add attachments. All messages will be stored in the electronic medical record.



  • Front-end application
  • Fits information security policy
  • Messages stored in medical record
  • Add Attachments
  • Integrated with the electronical medical record
  • Integrated with the Portal