Patient Tracking Board


The Patient Tracking Board is an application that gives a clear overview of the most relevant and current patient information registered in the hospital information system. The information is displayed on central located screens  based on a ward ground plan.

The Patient Tracking Board is suitable for the Emergency department as well as the OR, the nursing ward and the outpatient department. The Patient Tracking Board can be used interactively for short en fast transactions, such as (planned) admissions and discharges.


The Patient Tracking Board is based on the Manchester Triage System (MTS) and the patient tracking system.


Thanks to the clear and accurate overview of all patients at the Emergency department, patient logistics improves and allows  the Emergency department to treat a larger number of patients.


Once a patient is admitted in the ER , all relevant data  will be  registered. Relevant data is: medical complaint, urgency, status of the care and treatment process, responsible nurse (practioner), responsible specialist and the exact location of the patient. This information is presented based on the ward ground plan. The displayed information is always up to date. .




  • Up to date information of status, urgency and location
  • Integrated with the hospital information system
  • Touch-screen application
  • Mobile application