Online Appointments

With Online Appointments patients are able to schedule new appointments or reschedule an appointment easily online. The functionality of Online Appointments relieves the outpatient or administrative staff by reducing appointment requests by phone and provides optimization of the availability by phone.


To schedule a new appointment the patient select one of the suggested available timeslots through protocolled questions and personal preference like location, specialist and date/time. The online scheduled appointment will be confirmed instantly and immediately registered in the hospital information system. Additional information related to the care process of the patient can be added to the appointment confirmation. to make sure the patient is well informed prior to his appointment.


Both online scheduled and not online scheduled appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled with Online Appointments. Each department or appointment type can be customized to enable specific disclosure of appointment types for online scheduling.



  • Front-end application
  • Full integration with hospital information system
  • Appointment dashboard
  • Part of Patient portal
  • HTML5