Obstetric EPR

The Obstetric EPR is a dedicated electronical health record specific for obstetric departments to register all data in different stages of a pregnancy. With the Obstetric EPR data will be registered once and reused to avoid duplicate registration. All involved specialties  use the same record. An additional feature of the application is online questionnaires for patients. The results will be automatically fully transferred to the patient’s records incorporated in the medical record.


Both medical and non-medical deliveries can be register in the system. The system offers full integration with other hospital applications such as EVS, PACS and Lab. Automatic generated alerts can be configured for divergent results in order to undertake actions. From the application documents, such as letters for the GP and forms, can be generated.


Data collected in the Obstetric EPR can be used as the source for required reporting to other health institutions by HL7v3 messages.



  • Medical record for entire pregnancy
  • Use by different specialties / departments
  • Reuse of data
  • Delivery report
  • CTG integration
  • Medical and non-medical deliveries
  • Integration with nursing record