Digital Questionnaires

Digital Questionnaires is a total solution for designing, building, using and processing questionnaires online. With Online Questionnaires an existing questionnaire can be easily rebuild to a digital version, which can be filled out online.

The filled out questionnaires are digital available within the organization. Filled out answers and scores can be reused within the Electronic Health Record or can be delivered for further processing or reporting within or outside the care institution.


The solution offers the following functionality:

  • Design, build and publish digital questionnaires
  • Receive filled out questionnaires
  • Process filled out questionnaires
  • Storage and representation in EHR / hospital information system
  • Subsequent processing of data

A possible utilization of Digital Questionnaires is offering questionnaires a patient needs to fill out prior to his appointment. By offering the questionnaire online, the patient/user will be able to fill out the form at any  moment that is convenient for him. Benefits for the organization are the fact that the filled out information is available at an earlier point in time and can be reused in the subsequent process.



  • Front-end application
  • Fully integrated with the hospital information system
  • Transfer of answers to Electronic Health Record
  • Part of Patient portal
  • Preset of data based on web services
  • Several authentication options