Available beds

The Available Beds application provides an up to date overview of available beds, throughout all locations. The overview offers simple possibilities to filter on location, specialty and other criteria. The Available Beds application supports the process of users who are responsible for optimization of bed capacity, like bedmanagers, coworkers of the admission department and ward leads.


The application offers per location and specialty an overview of:

  • Available beds with, if present, planned admissions
  • Blocked beds, due to insufficent nursing capacity or specialized reservation (“stroke bed” e.g.)
  • Beds that will be available due to planned discharge



With the Available Beds application users are able to quickly respond to any questions regarding available or soon available beds. Reservation of assignation of beds is handled by the hospital information system, which in turn is instantly shown in the application. The Available Beds application discloses standard functionality and data regarding avalaibility of beds from the hospital information system.



  • Support of bedmanagement
  • Front-end application
  • Visualization of backend information
  • Touch-screen application
  • Mobile application